Story of Kaleidoscope Accessories

“Grandma, will you take me back to Kaleidoscope?” I asked as a young child. I had visited the Kaleidoscope traveling children's interactive space on a brief school field trip that seemed to lasted too short an instant. This place of wonder was sheltered in a tent and tucked between the concrete pillars of a towering highway overpass in downtown Richmond, VA. Simple, unimposing, yet it sparked my imagination in such a way that I just had to return. It’s been too long for me to remember exactly what I did inside Kaleidoscope’s tent, but I remember my imagination running free, and feeling alive within its canvas walls. I couldn’t wait to be back to experience it again. Kaleidoscope Accessories is my adult adventure back into the creative space of this childhood memory. Each piece before you provides an escape into a piece of imagination that comes alive as you wear it. Maybe a hat that mimics the vitality of nature’s subtle beauty, or a hair bow that bursts with the colors of a summer day. My passion is creating these works of joy, which I hope will also inspire your imagination and sense of wonder. Enjoy!